Writing apps for students with special needs

We don't expect an app to be a complete solution, of course. Working with kids who face challenges requires lots of time, attention, and patience on the part of a parent, teacher, or other adult caregiver. Our goal is to offer you a host of fun, well-designed apps that were recommended and tested by field experts.

Writing apps for students with special needs

Perhaps this holds truest within the special education realm. Determining the correct app might seem overwhelming, but fear not! Below are several popular and practical apps to consider.

writing apps for students with special needs

A text-to-speech app, Speak It! Simply copy and paste selected text and Speak It! Just type what you want to say and Speak It!

The ability to save countless phrases adds convenience by eliminating the need to type the same phrases over and over again. Read2Go corresponds with Booksharea digital library that makes books available to students with reading-related disabilities such as dyslexia and vision issues.

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Students who have difficulty writing due to disabilities can benefit from the free Dragon Dictation app. If a visual disability makes using a calculator difficult for your child or student, the Talking Calculator app could become your ideal solution.

Talking Calculator features large colorful buttons, creating an easy-to-use interface. Put your finger on the screen and Talking Calculator tells you what button your finger hovers over. Perform a calculation and the calculator vocalizes the answer.

writing apps for students with special needs

Another math-related app, Virtual Manipulatives! Draw Free for iPad: When a school project entails an artistic element, consider Draw Free for iPad. Barnes has personally seen students with disabilities succeed inside his mainstream classroom using this free app.The App by Write-On Handwriting fully engages students through multi-sensory instruction of letter and number patterns.

The design is age neutral, provides both instruction and . Hidden Curriculum for Kids ($) - Apps for Children with Special Needs describes it as, "Real life-based entries spur conversations about the countless 'unwritten social rules' that we encounter every day and that can cause confusion and anxiety." Great for kids on the autism spectrum.

Apps for Children with Special Needs (a4cwsn) is committed to helping the families and carers of children with special needs and the wider community of educators and therapists who support them, by producing videos that demonstrate how products designed to educate children and build their life skills really work from a user perspective.

Students who struggle with writing need a little extra help and guidance making their way through the Writing Process. This series outlines the five steps of the process, beginning with Pre-Writing, or Content Writing. Follow the tips in this article to help students with learning disabilities or special needs.

Nice blog on apps for special needs, I really appreciate your blog. As you have know that Educational and learning app has covered a lot of space in Android market., And there are so many apps present in Google Play Store which are related to kids education.

22 Best Mobile Apps for Kids with Special Needs. Julie Z. Rosenberg.

Teaching the Writing Process to Students with Special Needs

July 21, "Apps for All Students: A Teacher's Desktop Guide. " Dr. Helps children with fine motor delays and sensory processing issues practice emerging writing skills by writing their name and tracing upper- and lowercase letters.

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