Writing a persuasive business letter lesson plan

So begins the teamwork. Each team must convince me that their team and their team only should get an extra recess.

Writing a persuasive business letter lesson plan

The Diary of Anne Frank Writing Activity Overview Students learn about the Holocaust in seventh grade, but are then as eighth-graders are given the opportunity to experience it on a more personal level as they read the play The Diary of Anne Frank.

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Acting the play out in class provides them an almost firsthand knowledge of Anne and the other characters, especially as they witness typical teenage issues unfolding between Anne and her mother. They are then better able to identify with Anne as a person, and therefore allow the Holocaust experience to almost come alive.

It is at this point that it is valuable for them to write on the subject in order to further synthesize their feelings and reactions.

Concepts Students apply knowledge of the Holocaust in general and The Diary of Anne Frank in particular to their writing. Students learn to express an opinion in a concise manner.

writing a persuasive business letter lesson plan

Students learn to use different types of word processing within ClarisWorks. Indicators Students produce a ClarisWorks document in a format alternative to straight word processing. Students demonstrate an understanding of the emotional effects of the Holocaust. Students gain practice in persuasive writing.

Students learn proper format for the business letter, a newspaper article, or a legal brief. Students will be given the writing assignment See attachment and select which topic they choose to write on. Still in the classroom, students will plan their writing using the writing process, then put it in draft form.

Students will revise and edit their drafts. On the computer Students who have selected topic A will produce their writing as if it were an editorial in a newspaper.

writing a persuasive business letter lesson plan

Students who have selected topic B will produce their writing in business letter format. Students who have selected topic C will produce their writing as a legal document, using Outline.

Postcomputer Students will share their work with others who have chosen the same topic to write on. Students in each group will then choose the persuasive writing which they feel is the most convincing in the group. Each group will present this writing orally to the entire class.

The class will then vote on:Business Writing Lessons, Lesson Plans and Worksheets. Teach and learn basic business writing skills. Here students learn about the importance of effective business writing, letter format, general rules, etiquette, and also learn the basic steps needed for clear writing.

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue.

The three step writing process is used to communicate both routine and persuasive messages in the work place. This process involves planning, writing and completing to help you create a finished.

Writing Tasks: Convey Good News and Bad News Organizational Strategies for Business Letters This lesson will show you how to be sensitive to your reader's needs by using a little.

Working on persuasive writing with your students?

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This lesson plan uses a video lesson to introduce, define and explain the concept, then guides students through identification of persuasion in. Persuasion Rubric: Use this rubric to assess students' persuasive letters. Letter Generator: This online tool allows students to read about the parts of a letter.

Resource Description: This lesson plan should be used to introduce ELD 3 (English Language Development) students to writing persuasive letters. Explain to students that they will be writing a letter to the principal about the new cell phone policy with their partners. Pass out a sample business. Step 1: Explain to students that they will be writing their own persuasive business letter within the next day or so. Prior to doing that, they need to learn about them. Prior to . In this persuasive letter writing lesson, students review the standard business form letter and the elements included. Middle schoolers discuss ways to persuade in writing and write a short Get Free Access See Review.

They can then write and print their own friendly or business letter.

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