Writing a perfect business proposal

Create a Winning Proposal by taking Proposal Examples from Proposalsmartz A business proposal is an essential element of any business. Any of your clients or prospective clients first knows you as a cold contact through your business proposal. Therefore, it is of great significance that you create a winning proposal to leave the maximum impact on your prospective clients. To create such a proposal, you can take help from business proposal examples.

Writing a perfect business proposal

How-to Write a Killer Business Proposal May 13, Jessie impatiently combed her hands through her hair, shoving it out of her face. She sighed heavily, staring at the blank screen and blinking cursor in frustration.

She felt like such a failure. She had the opportunity to land a project that was perfect for her struggling branding business. But so far, her proposals had not received the response she had hoped for. In fact, they were not receiving any response at all.

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She needed to figure out what the heck she was doing wrong, and stat. Writing a killer proposal can be an art form, but with a little practice, you can achieve spectacular results.

Be wary of using lingo that you are not familiar with. You do not want to take the chance of writing a perfect business proposal misunderstood. The winning proposal will be the one that best communicates a core message to its audience. Since the business proposal is a tool specifically designed to present and sell your services, learning to create an effective one is time well spent.

Anatomy of a Killer Business Proposal Proposals at their core should communicate why your particular company or service is right for the job. Regardless of the type of project you are pitching for, a proposal should provide your potential client with everything they need to know about you and your company to make an informed decision.

Ideally, this should be accomplished within the first couple of paragraphs. Be concise, but also be creative. You want to engage the reader and compel them to keep reading further. People need to feel a sense of trust in who they choose to hire.

The Pitch This is where you briefly outline your proposal to the client. Remember to include benefits that might be attractive to them.

No one likes a braggart. There are two very simple ways you can do this. You can explain a problem that the client is facing and how you can solve it. Or, you can share a brief story outlining the problem of a past client with a similar situation, and how you solved it for them.

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If you are submitting a PDF document, then you can strategically incorporate testimonials from past clients throughout the proposal. If you will be sending an email proposal, you could use a signature file that showcases a testimonial from a high profile client.

Or, you could insert small, graphic images of company logos you have worked with in the past. Remember, although tempting, never fabricate fake testimonials from clients. The Close For your pitch to be effective, it should include a call to action within the close.

writing a perfect business proposal

That means you give your reader something to do next. Perhaps you ask them to email you to discuss the project further if they find your proposal intriguing.

Or, you can provide them with a phone number to call and speak with you personally. You might also direct them to an online portfolio and ask them to view samples of past work, and then contact you. At the end of the day, a winning business proposal can be a powerful sales tool for your business.

Following these guidelines, Jessie was able to put together a proposal that got the attention of her dream client, securing her a fantastic project and helping propel her business forward.

So, with your next business proposal, take some time to craft it well, respect that the person who will be reading it is a busy individual, and rest assured, you will stand head and shoulders above the rest.

writing a perfect business proposal

More great ideas to grow your business.Proposal Examples plays an vital role in writing a proposal. Create proposals easily by choosing the right format.

Learn details about the business proposal format using example templates. Co-written by veteran literary agents (and husband and wife) Jeff Herman and Deborah Levine Herman, this book is a must-read for writers at any stage of their careers and helpful for writing a proposal for practically any kind of nonfiction book.

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue. The average employee spends nearly 1/4 of their workday writing emails.

Learn how to write the perfect sales email to skyrocket response rates. "If you don't understand the client's problem, you certainly can't propose a methodology that is going to solve the problem," says Shervin Freed, coauthor of Writing Winning Business Proposals.

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