Why india is among the top ranking countries essay

Corruption Perceptions Index Results View Results Table Errata Corruption is threatening economic growth for all Countries at the bottom need to adopt radical anti-corruption measures in favour of their people.

Why india is among the top ranking countries essay

It's not as bad as some say, but there is room for improvement. Print article The United States may be a superpower but in education we lag behind.

In a recent comparison of academic performance in 57 countries, students in Finland came out on top overall. Finnish year-olds did the best in science and came in second in math. Other top-performing countries were: How did the U. Students in the United States performed near the middle of the pack.

On average 16 other industrialized countries scored above the United States in science, and 23 scored above us in math. The reading scores for the United States had to be tossed due to a printing error.

Meanwhile, many other nations, Estonia and Poland being two, improved their scores and moved past the U. Advertisement Researchers also made note of the fact that while the United States has one of the biggest gaps between high- and low-performing students in an industrialized nation, Finland has one of the smallest.

Students in Finland perform remarkably well, regardless of the school they attend. What makes Finland so hot? These experts have uncovered many attributes of the Finnish educational system that are distinctive and contribute to the success of Finnish students. Some of these features are: Advertisement The Finnish school system uses the same curriculum for all students which may be one reason why Finnish scores varied so little from school to school.

Students have light homework loads. Finnish schools do not have classes for gifted students. Finland uses very little standardized testing. Children do not start school until age 7. Grades are not given until high school, and even then, class rankings are not compiled. Becoming a teacher in Finland is highly competitive.

Teacher salaries are similar to teacher salaries in the U.

Why india is among the top ranking countries essay

Students are separated into academic and vocational tracks during the last three years of high school. Diagnostic testing of students is used early and frequently.

If a student is in need of extra help, intensive intervention is provided. Teachers also get one afternoon per week for professional development. School funding is higher for the middle school years, the years when children are most in danger of dropping out.

College is free in Finland.

Why india is among the top ranking countries essay

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Sep 18,  · To better understand one of the most heated U.S.

How did the U.S. do?

policy debates, we created a tournament to judge which of these nations has the best health . Top 10 Countries with Highest Technology in the World. By admin. South Korea is ranked among the highest technological countries due to the vast production of highly advanced Robots, Air Conditioners, India is regarded as the sixth country having highest technology.

The TI described Pakistan’s CPI score of 29 out of and ranking of among countries as the best.


The country has never achieved this distinction since the first CPI was issued in Based on health-related indicators from the United Nations, World Bank and the World Health Organization for countries with at least one million people, one survey placed Singapore in an.

Switzerland, the top-ranked country on GII's list, has 57 per cent of researchers from foreign countries due to the numerous incentives offered to them.

"Why Pakistanis are among the least.

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