Understanding spains contact with the natives essay

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Understanding spains contact with the natives essay

For each image, click "Discussion" for a pop-up window with background information. To print the pop-up, hit Ctrl and P on your keyboard. Many factors conditioned the ways Europeans responded to Native Americans and the ways Native Americans responded to Europeans.

Motivations, expectations, political and social structures, religious beliefs, concepts of civilization, and perceptions of wealth and power all played a role. He set sail from the flourishing Spanish colony of Cuba.

Understanding spains contact with the natives essay

His troops included many men who had arrived on the island too late to grab their own estates. Thus when they came to Mexico, their greed was alloyed with a desperate resolve to capitalize upon a second shot at riches. To illustrate their mindset, we offer the "Requerimiento," a proclamation in which the Spanish spelled out, quite bluntly, the deal they had in mind for the natives of the Americas: Convert to Christianity or be attacked.

The traditional story of the Aztec relationship with the Spanish, rooted in the Spanish perspective, describes how a "handful" of soldiers overwhelmed the Aztecs and wiped out their civilization.

An engaging read translated from Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, it reveals a world of omens, splendor, intrigue, diplomacy, and treachery included also in 6: A human rights activist in today's terms, he compiled his eyewitness accounts of Spanish atrocities with others' from across the Caribbean and Central America, and presented them in to the Spanish king, imploring him to "extirpate the causes of so many evils.

Las Casas titled his compilation A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies; we present his introductory and concluding statements here, which you will find sufficient to absorb his horror and moral anguish.

Finally, the three images by European artists illuminate the post-conquest fate of the Mexican Indians. The picture of the juggler lying on his back balancing a log dates from aboutjust a few years after the Aztec conquest in The unknown artist was probably trained by Franciscans in their effort to create a utopian Christian community among the Indians.

Finally, the painting depicting the burning of Aztec idols dates from the early s. How did the culture of the Aztec's shape the Spanish response to it? Compare the tone and the circumstances of the first encounter between the Spanish and the Aztecs with the tone and circumstances of the first encounters described by other explorers in this section of the toolbox.

What accounts for the differences? How does it compare with the Indians' accounts? How did las Casas structure his report to most influence the king's response?

The Aztec acrobats who performed for King Charles were probably the first Native Americans their audience had ever seen. What impression does Weiditz's painting convey? What would the painting tell its European viewers about Native Americans and about themselves?

The feather painting scenes were done nearly fifty years after the painting of the juggler.

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How has the image of the Native American changed? What were the Franciscans saying about the Indians and about their fellow Europeans? How does the painting depicting the burning of the idols both reject and affirm the Aztec heritage? Topic Framing Questions How did Europeans interpret the "newe fonde londe" upon their first contacts?The first Spanish perceptions of the Native Americans were not filled with acceptance, but rather the belief that the natives were manipulative and ignorant people.

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Essay: Differences Between Native Americans and Europeans. Native Americans and Europeans faced many conflicts due to their vast differences in language, religion and culture.

European settlers’ inability to understand and respect Native Americans lead to many struggles that would eventually erupt into violent warfare. European Contact with the Natives Essay; European Contact with the Natives Essay.

Words Oct 24th, and Aztecs. These groups occupied the land until their empires fell or the Spanish took over, around s. Naitve Americans In The Contact Zone Essay. Long before the Europeans set foot on American soil, the American Indians, or.

Because native people were already well versed in the rudiments of commerce, European traders initially encountered Indians eager to swap deerskins for metal knives, pots, utensils, jewelry, guns, and ammunition.

Trade between Europeans and Indians, however, was not of equal benefit to both cultures.

Essay: Differences Between Native Americans and Europeans (Indians vs. Whites)