Theresa knorrs abuse of her daughters essay

Kobo Back at the house on Bellingham Way, Theresa grew more reclusive, more unpredictable, and more violent, but nobody outside of her immediate family knew anything about it. Though she had always been hard on her children, it was her last husband who finally turned her into a monster. Nothing could be more different from the truth than that bullshit TV show.

Theresa knorrs abuse of her daughters essay

Time to meet one of the most evil mothers to walk this earth. Her name is Theresa Cross Knorr. Convicted of murder, she is currently serving a lengthly jail term for the notorious murders of two of her daughters. She will not eligable for parole until On the 17th October she was sentenced to two life sentences for themurders of Suesan and Sheila, her flesh and blood.

Theresa knorrs abuse of her daughters essay

The story of Theresa Knorr and her family is a shocking and disturbing one indeed. It tells the tale of a Theresa Sanders,a young wife and mother of 1, living in Sacramento, California and married to Howard Sanders.

She told him she had shot her first husband. When officers arrived on the scene they founf Howard Sanders dead Theresas was was arrested and went on trial for murder.

She pleaded not guilty and told the court a tearful tale of domestic violence and self defence. The jury took under 2 hours to aqquit her.

Theresa Knorr was free to go. Over the next 20 years Theresa met and married man after man, and eventually bore in total 6 children. There was Clifford and Theresa Sanders, concieved by her now dead husband.

Next came Suesan in after meeting next potential husband Robert Knorr. In William was born and the follwing year came Robert. The last child, Terry, came along in August According to statements from the surving children, life at the Knorr home was less than happy.

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Theresa was a very controlling mother and would hand out vicious beatings upon her children when drunk, escalating in severity as the years went on. The children were so afraid of their mother that when she started involving the siblings to help her beat one of them they simply had to obey.

One child would be held down by the others while Theresa doled out her extreme punishments, which included using the "Board Of Education" - a long inch thick piece of wood used to strike the victim. Although initiated by their mother, it must have caused great conflict between the brothers and sisters.

This bears a striking resemblance to the punishments inflicted by Foster Mother Eunice Spry in the UK many years later. She used a stick to beat the foster children placed in her care and would force sticks down their throats to stop them screaming while she beat them.

Theresa Knorr it seems was a very dillusional person suffering from extreme bouts of paranoia. She was convinced her daughter Suesan was a witch and cast spells on her mother to gain weight. If she vomited, she was forced to eat this too. Suesan ran away from home and was placed into Child Protective custody.

Questioned by many officials including psychiatrists, Suesan told them of the abuse she was suffering at the hands of her mother. When questioned over these allegations, Theresa simply blamed it on her daughter having mental health problems.

Many kids from violent homes will do whatever they can to please the abuser for fear of what may happen.

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She would be black and blue all over. The beatings continued and took a drastic turn one day in Knorr had Suesan tied up, donned some black leather gloves and proceeded to puch her daughter in the stomach. As things escalted Knorr pulled a gun from the pocket of her dress and shot Suesan in the chest.

As she lay crumpled on the floor, sisters Theresa dn Terry were told to pick up theior sister and place her in the bathtub.Envious of her two eldest daughters, Theresa directed the brunt of her abuse at Sheila and Suesan.

Theresa knorrs abuse of her daughters essay

Both girls met gruesome ends at their mother's hands: In , Theresa burned Susean alive with the help of her teenage sons, Robert and William.

Convinced of Suesan's 'powers' and consumed with jealousy over their teenage beauty and thin frames, Theresa Knorr started the horrendous act of breaking her daughters down.

Suesan was force-fed boxes of macaroni & cheese mixed with lard, 4 boxes of the stuff at a time. Just Creepy Things Theresa Knorr. Lazarus Lazuli MOVED "Theresa Jimmie Knorr (born March Knorr had a special hatred for her daughters Suesan and Sheila, fueled by jealousy that the girls were growing up and blossoming into young women while she faced the prospect of growing old and losing Thereafter, Knorr's abuse of Sheila escalated.

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Theresa Knorr's Abuse of Her Daughters Essay examples Theresa Knorr’s was a mother of six who was convicted of killing her two daughters Suesan Knorr (16) and Sheila Sanders (20).

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Theresa physically and tortured all of her children for years, but she had a deeper hatred for her . Envious of her two eldest daughters, Theresa directed the brunt of her abuse at Sheila and Suesan. Both girls met gruesome ends at their mother's hands: In , Theresa burned Susean alive with the help of her teenage sons, Robert and William.

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