The latin influence on english vocabulary history essay

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There three influences have changed the content and characteristic of the Keltic language, the original language of English. It was a pre-historical period. Since then, Latin element began to enter into the then language of England.

Again, in the remote past, Greek-language was the highest cultural language. Some of the Greek-words, after being converted into Latin found inception into the English language. So, by the classical linguistic influence is meant, the simultaneous influence of the two classical languages, - Greek And Latin Word coinage from Latin is a prolonged continuation.

It had started from the pre-historical period ,and had been continuing in greater and less extent till the renaissance, and it is still continuing. To have a comprehensive resultant of the influencethe philologists and the scholars have marked the span of the influence into three distinguished and decisive phases.

These three stages are, - a pre-Christian-period b the period of conversion of the English people Christianity A. Yes, Latin was influential, but not nearly as much as the Germanic language. The Romans had invaded Britain in the A.

D, which was controlled by the Celts. They made that land "Roman Britain". During the fall of the Roman Empire, they had to send soldiers back to Italy to help fight.

The Anglos and the Saxons helped, as well. The country England is actually from the name "Anglo-land" and soon became "England". After the fall of the Roman Empire and the fall of Roman Britain, that was when the English language started to develop. So, all in all, the English is made up of the Germanic language, BUT the Latin roots we have in the language is the numbers and the prefixes.

Moreover, the Latin words were mixed up with the Greek in most cases, and hence it should be called the Latin and Greek influence. The words that were imported during this phase were mainly related to plants, fruits, food; eg.

The latin influence on english vocabulary history essay

These did not necessarily exist in these forms, and the original words have undergone many changes. The 2nd phase of Latin loan words came to England with the Christian Missionaries in the late 6th and 7th centuries A.

They brought in with them ideas related to religion, the Church and monastic living. Most of these words were Greek, which entered English via Latin.

During this phase the following words came from Latin to English: The 3rd phase came with the great revival of classical scholarship in England in the 16th century. The words came over through the medium of writing, and were first absorbed and used by the learned, before filtering to the other classes.

Some words which had come from French were latinized: Many new words were invented on classical analogies. Eng proper names with latinized adjectives: Oxford - Oxonian, Shakespeare - Shakespearean.

Many Latin words and English synonyms which exist side by side a. Lots more listed below:The Old English Ways Essay Words 3 Pages Throughout history there has always been a struggle for power between absolute rulers and the people and somewhere in .

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However, Latin, introduced to Britain by the Romans, and reinforced in its influence by the conversion of the Anglo-Saxons to Christianity during the 7 th century, had a significant impact, providing both vocabulary (e.g. master, mass, school) and the basis for the writing system.

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The latin influence on english vocabulary history essay

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For the most part, Celtic influence on the English language is mostly apparent through place names. For generations, the language of the Celts was referred to as ‘British’ – the language of the Britons, the native inhabitants of the land.

anchara ‘anchorite’, comes originally from Latin as does stær ‘history’.

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