The importance of soul as it relates to the human experience

De Beauvoir on Engels The theory of historical materialism has brought to light some most important truths. Humanity is not an animal species, it is a historical reality.

The importance of soul as it relates to the human experience

Our Ultimate Reality Part 2: The Inner Realities Chapter The Truth about the Change known as "Death? This is without doubt one of the most important chapters in the book. Everyone must know the truth about the change known as "death", and where you will go after "passing on".

The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, by Max Heindel, Chapter III

Discover also how your thoughts, beliefs and expectations among other important factors will influence your destination, and how they affect loved ones after their passing.

Many people and religions of the world believe that humans hold a privileged status during and at the end of "life". Discover the truth about animals after passing.

Find out the facts about the departed humans often known as "ghosts", and about the phenomena of "haunting".

The importance of soul as it relates to the human experience

Discover the important truth about mysteries, understood by very few, of reincarnation. The truth of reincarnation is absolutely vital information that everyone should know and understand.

Learn what really happens to those people that feel so compelled to take their own physical life. Find out about the "invisible inner bodies" that we all have in addition to the familiar physical body, and what they mean to you.

The Astral Body - The Soul: Discover the true nature of the Astral Body, also known as the "Soul". Learn all about the real "You", who You really "Are" and the importance of the nature of your Spiritual "body". Find out about the true nature Higher Self and Its importance to you on your path and in life.

The Physical Universe of Matter: The physical Universe of matter in which we are focussed for now is not all it seems.

Find out the secret of what the physical Universe really is, especially relative to the Universe of Energy as a whole. In addition to the levels of consciousness that constitute the levels or planes of the Human mind, there also exists many other levels of consciousness and Energy that includes everything in existence including all animal, vegetable and mineral life.

Find out about these great planes of life. The Planes of The Human Mind: These are the levels of consciousness currently occupied by the various levels of the human Mind in accordance with individual Spiritual evolution.

Discover the range of levels of Energy and consciousness currently occupied by humans, where humans are now on the Universal scale of life, and where we are going.

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The Outer Astral Planes: Discover the darker characteristics of the lower Astral Planes and what sort of people find themselves there after passing over from the physical world Chapter The Belief System Territories: I cannot stress enough that this is absolutely crucial information for anyone who holds any sort of religious belief.

If you are hold any religious beliefs, you must read this and take notice while you still can. Lower Level Astral Entities: Learn all about the lower level Astral entities, how many of them come into being, and how they can adversely affect people living in the physical world.

Once again this is absolutely crucial information for everyone without exception. This is where most "decent" people will find themselves after the change known as "death".Welcome To Our Ultimate Reality - Articles The best-selling book Our Ultimate Reality, Life, the Universe and Destiny of Mankind, together with 7 years of weekly newsletters has already positively totally transformed the life of countless people around th.

How Grief Relates To The Work Of The Soul Bob Olson's Interview With Psychic Medium Laura Scott. Bob Olson: I'm pleased to be interviewing Laura Scott today on the relationship between grief and soul is a psychic, spiritual teacher and channel for healing, and she is going to teach us how grieving is a natural part of our growth process in this journey we call life.

What's the Deal with Jane Roberts & SETH? I have been asked that question a number of times, often by people who visit my home and see the lineup of . As human beings, we are naturally curious and constantly searching to find our places in the universe.

We search for our place in school, our place in the family, our place at work and our place in our religions. Essay, Research Paper Soul as it Relates to the Human ExperienceIn order to discuss the importance of soul in our search for an answer to the question What is it to be human?

we must first go back to one of the very first issues tackled in class: the presuppostition. In this way, then, the study of soul is necessary to answer the question What is it to be human because the being of a human being is its soul.

The importance of soul as it relates to the human experience

The soul is the essential what-ness of any living body. The human soul is, in essence, the substantial act of the human being.

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