The hardware components of a video

For instance, if you want to know the important details about your processor, graphics card, memory speeds, motherboard chipset and BIOS etc, it has to be obtained from somewhere else. Thankfully there are several around that can handle this and can range from giving you a general overview of the system components, to comprehensive in depth details of a single component such as the CPU or graphics card.

The hardware components of a video

Internal Computer Hardware — Introduction to Information and Communication Technology

Motherboards with High End Graphics Motherboard Components The motherboard consists of various components which have their own role to play in the functioning of a computer. Let us discuss various motherboard components and know their definition and role. Expansion Slots ISA slots. These were the oldest expansion slots in the history of motherboards.

Conventional display cards or sound cards were installed in these slots. The PCI slot is one of the important motherboard components today and is vastly used to install add-on cards on the motherboard.

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The PCI supports bit high-speed bus. Also known as PCIe, these are the latest and the fastest component of the motherboard to support add-on cards. It supports full duplex serial bus. Accelerated graphics port AGP is specifically used to install a latest graphics card.

The full form is a single in-line memory module. These slots were found in older motherboards, up to boards. The SIMM supports bit bus. These are the latest RAM slots which run on a faster bit bus. Some important sockets are explained below. It is a pin socket that supports Celeron processors and Pentium-3 processors.

Found on latest types of motherboards, it is an pin socket that supports latest Intel i-3, i-5 and i-7 processors.

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The socket is of pins and supports latest i-7 processors. It is a motherboard component in the form of a Integrated chip. This chip contains all the information and settings of the motherboard which you can modify by entering the BIOS mode from your computer.

It consists of 2 number of 6 pin male connectors and is found on old types of motherboards. The latest in the series of power connectors, they are either 20 or 24 pin female connectors. Found in all the latest types of motherboards.

The pin male connector is used to connect IDE hard disk drives and the pin male connector connects to Floppy Disk Drive. They are much faster than IDE interface. Co-Processor The co-processor is one of the important motherboard components and helps the main processor in mathematical calculations and computer graphics.

Cabinet connections The cabinet in which the motherboard is installed has many buttons that connect to the motherboard. Once you learn about various motherboard components, you can easily assemble your own PC or solve the basic hardware issues in motherboard.Computer Tour.

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Have you ever wondered what is on the inside of your computer? Watch this video from HowStuffWorks as we take you on a tour of your computer. The video contains descriptions of a standard control system, what is placed where and the purpose of the components.

Be warned: extensive knowledge of these systems may just land you a job with the title of “Automation or Controls Engineer”.

Level of difficulty: Intermediate Hardware contributes to the proper function of your computer system whether it is the processor or the RAM.

Hardware is required in order to accomplish certain tasks. Each and every component adds another functionality level to the user’s computing experience. identify the major hardware components of a computer describe the design and functioning of the central processing unit describe the main types of primary and secondary Chapter 1 -.

introducing hardware. With the right hardware upgrades, you may be able to boost your computer's performance. Upgrading Computer Components.

Soup up your computer with a hardware upgrade. Kevin Lo and Ariel Gilbert-Knight - March 22, including video tutorials that will walk you through the process step by step. Do You Have the Technical Expertise?

The hardware components of a video

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