Smoking light and elton glaser

Ken Michaelis I have attached another scan of a stub I have that will either help or deepen a mystery! Although your site lists a Chicago Aragon date of 1 Jan as the original date for this show, I have a stub that seems to indicate it was actually scheduled for 2 Jan This show was cancelled and made up on 23 Jan The stub shows a date code of "" and a partial date of "02 ", so I believe that may be the actual originally scheduled date.

Smoking light and elton glaser

Targeting the Persuadable Middle By Steve Charing The bitter reaction to the Proposition 8 fiasco last month has sparked a debate among gay activists as to the correct course of action we should pursue in our quest for equality.

Some favor confrontation with opponents; others seek a more measured approach. But which would be the most effective? The general lgbt strategy ought to be constructed with an eye towards gathering as much support as possible as opposed to simply fighting our enemies.

You have on one side of the spectrum most, but not all, of us. This segment also covers straight allies and supporters and otherwise progressive-minded citizens.

They are in our camp.

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All we need to do is "activate" them more, especially those all-too-many gays and lesbians who are politically apathetic. On the other end, there are religious people who see homosexuality as a sin. Added to this group are those who have no overwhelming interest in religion but despise, fear or are ignorant of gay people anyway.

They are the homophobes; it is unlikely that we can change their minds. Some may come around especially if they discover a lgbt member of their family. But otherwise, their bigotry is entrenched and intractable. Nonetheless, many gay activists have concluded that fighting for our rights—whether it represents same-sex marriage, non-discrimination in employment or the ability to serve openly in the Armed Forces—should be waged in the churches, synagogues and mosques throughout the country.

Churches, and in particular the Mormon Church, have recently been the targets of protests, demonstrations and commentary on the blogosphere following the passage of Prop 8. To be sure, the religious arguments against homosexuality are open to interpretation and are, at the very least, outdated.

As such, the cited chapters and verses in the Bible have been cherry-picked to promote discrimination for eons. Other condemnations in Scripture are ignored while the infamous one in Leviticus pertaining to homosexuality is offered up ad nauseum.

Going to war with religious institutions and their flocks, however, is a losing proposition. This is decidedly true if one is arguing directly with the zealots who push Scripture as the basis for anti-gay thinking.

We are not likely to be successful in puncturing their homosexuality-is-a-sin mantra. Do we abandon the religious segment entirely? We should maintain a channel of communication with clergy of all denominations.

There is a small chance that some will at least understand the human rights element involved in discrimination and its effect on families and perhaps some may soften their hard line opposition to a degree.

So it is worth it to engage religious leaders and establish a respectful dialogue. But the preponderance of our energy and effort should be directed to the third group—the larger group—which I refer to as the persuadable middle.

These folks are not committed to any one position on lgbt rights. The subject may not interest them. They may be uncertain as to whether granting rights to gays and lesbians would have any consequences. They may have concerns with homosexuality but resent government interference in private lives.

Or they may be turned off by religious dogma. This group is generally softer on the issue and, therefore, persuadable. We must educate them as well as our elected officials on our issues.

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Smoking: Light and Elton Glaser “Smoking” a poem by Elton Glaser, is an explicit illustration of words describing every aspect of smoking. The poem has an ironic twist, beginning with the pleasures of smoking and then subtly downsliding to a fate of grueling death.

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) (1) Active Citizenship Network (1) Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (5) Elton John AIDS Foundation (1) Light for the World (2) Lions Club International (3) Liver Disease Prevention and Treatment Research Foundation (1).

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Smoking light and elton glaser

The main difference involves the subject caption, which is in lower case . Turned red as a warning light, blown brighter by the breath, The pull and the pump of it, and the paper's white Smoothed now to ash as the smoke draws back, drawn down Smoking Analysis Elton Glaser critical analysis of poem, review school overview.

Analysis of the poem.

Smoking light and elton glaser

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