Sir love movie essay

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Sir love movie essay

Via this analysis, I argue that the film portrays a simplistic, commercial palatable rather than a realistic image of the challenges of teaching, leading the viewer to a distorted perception of the implications of the various discourses employed.

In order to clarify this point, I compare several incidents depicted in the film, with the same incidents as they are described in the autobiographical book by E.

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Braithwaite Braithwaite,upon which the film is based. In doing so, I will evaluate the pedagogy of the films teacher Thackeray against the standards set for graduates and teachers respectively by the Queensland Board of Teacher Registration hereafter BTR and Education Queensland hereafter EQ.

Identifying the faulty conclusions which an uncritical viewing of the film may lead to, with regard to the availability of equal opportunity and social justice, I will make specific recommendations for reconstructed teaching practice, drawing on literature on social justice and democratic schooling.

The film To Sir, with Love hereafter 'the film'centres around three interlinked individualist assumptions: These will be referred to in turn below. In contrast to this individualist stance, E.

Braithwaite describes early in his book To Sir, With Love hereafter 'the book' how his race had mitigated against his acquiring an engineering position for several years, despite excellent qualifications.

He reacts to these difficulties by presenting his students with many examples of the interdependency of humanity: In the film, Mark Thackeray too, continues to apply for engineering positions while teaching at North Quay Secondary.

Only at the end of the film is he finally offered the lowly post of 'Third Assistant Engineer' by a firm outside of London, despite his 'astounding qualifications', but paradoxically it seems this event is meant to emphasise the recurrent theme of the cinematic retelling of this story: Commercial film- making is driven by economic interests, which aim to reinforce certain dominant worldviews to ensure box office success.

Perhaps for this reason, this film emphasises the popular 'myth of meritocracy' Mills, at the expense of taking up the more problematic framing of issues offered in Braithwaites own account.

The character of the film school's Head, Mr Florian, for example, is cast in almost direct opposition to that of the actual Alexander Florian, Head of Greenslade Secondary School, who was in fact determinedly democratic.

To sir with love movie critical analysis essay

For reasons of dramatic effect however, the film casts Mr Florian of North Quay Secondary as a well meaning but confused man, lacking the courage of his conviction. During his initial interview with Thackeray, he points out that Most of our children are rejects from other schools.

We have to help them as best we can. We have to teach them what we can and as much as we can. He does not seem to have any particular philosophy about how this might be achieved as he continues: From the moment you accept this appointment, you'll be entirely on your own.

It seems that this Head extends the idea of meritocracy to teachers' success in the classroom. While Greenslades Head also uses these latter words, the context in which he uses them makes his philosophical position unmistakably clear: His comment that 'success or failure depend entirely on you' needs to be interpreted in the light of his advice that "by understanding those pressures we will help them".

In other words, success in the classroom according to this Head will depend upon how involved the teacher is prepared to become with his students.Free Essay: Mike Davis 2/4/12 Comp 2 Four Things to Like About To Sir, With Love The inspirational movie To Sir, With Love has many morals and values which.

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Nov 23,  · Sydney Poitier at his best; teens and up.

Sir love movie essay

Read Common Sense Media's To Sir, with Love review, age rating, and parents guide. Sydney Poitier at his best; teens and up.

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Read Common Sense Media's To Sir, with Love review, age rating, and parents guide. was Poiter's year and he does another great job as Sir. A great movie to see for the 4/4.

Summarizing Positions APA, Based on the events in the movie To Sir with Love, how does self-perception tend to change in relation to the opinions of teachers. Critics Consensus: While it's a bit dated and overly schmaltzy, To Sir, With Love remains compelling because of Sidney Poitier's outstanding performance -- and the catchy theme song is a classic%.

To Sir With Love and Dangerous Minds.

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The book To Sir With Love and the movie Dangerous Minds are about a teacher and troubled students. In both stories, the teacher is caring towards their students, and implement creative ways to teach while keeping the attention of the kids.

Although To Sir With 3/5(2).

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