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Resume writing services kenya

resume writing services kenya

We began reviewing GiveDirectly in Our review process has consisted of Extensive communications with GiveDirectly staff. Reviewing documents GiveDirectly sent in response to our queries.

In Novemberwe visited GiveDirectly's operations in Kenya, where we met with beneficiaries of its work and spoke with its local field staff.

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Inwe retained a journalist to visit GiveDirectly in Kenya. We published his report on our blog. In Octoberwe visited GiveDirectly's operations in Uganda, where we met with beneficiaries of its work, spoke with local field staff, and observed a cash out day a cash out day is when a mobile money agent makes a scheduled visit to village that has received transfers by phone from GiveDirectly.

All content on GiveDirectly, including updates, blog posts and conversation notes, is available here. We have also published a page with additional, detailed information on GiveDirectly to supplement some of the sections below. This section discusses the following questions: Generally speaking, are unconditional cash transfers a promising approach to helping people?

We believe that this approach faces an unusually low burden of proof and that the available evidence is consistent with the idea that unconditional cash transfers help people. Is GiveDirectly effectively targeting very poor households? The evidence we have suggests that GiveDirectly effectively targets low-income recipients.

resume writing services kenya

GiveDirectly uses two models to identify beneficiaries: We believe that both models are likely to target very poor households. Does GiveDirectly have an effective process for getting cash to recipients?

GiveDirectly's process seems to have been successful so far, with two notable exceptions.

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We find it encouraging that GiveDirectly was able to detect and respond to these cases. How do recipients spend their cash, and how does this spending impact their lives? We present a variety of evidence, including findings from a randomized controlled trial of GiveDirectly's work.

Are the size and structure of the cash transfers well-thought-through and appropriate? We find GiveDirectly's approach to be defensible, but we look forward to seeing the results of GiveDirectly's experimentation with different approaches in the future.

Are there negative or other offsetting impacts? GiveDirectly has taken some measures to address this question, and we believe that the evidence so far suggests that while the cash transfers do lead to some problems, these problems are relatively minor.

Does GiveDirectly have a broader impact on the international aid sector? We have chosen not to look at this question in depth. We have not seen compelling evidence that GiveDirectly has significantly affected the behavior of funders or other organizations, although GiveDirectly has shared some qualitative evidence that we have not followed up on.

We discuss this question more extensively in our report on cash transfers. We discuss the findings of this RCT in our cash intervention report. Cash transfers are among the best-studied development interventions, though questions remain. Studies generally show substantial increases in short-term consumption, 1 especially food, and little evidence of negative impacts e.

It is important to note that most of these studies are of "income transfers" relatively small, ongoing payments ; there is more limited evidence for programs with "wealth transfer" relatively large, one-time transfers models like GiveDirectly's. This is one of the reasons that we are particularly interested in GiveDirectly experimenting with and evaluating different approaches.

There is also some evidence that recipients are able to invest cash transfers at high rates of return e. We feel that this intervention faces an unusually low burden of proofgiven that short-term poverty reduction is an outcome by definition, though donors' intuitive reactions to it may vary widely.

GiveDirectly selects beneficiaries using one of two methods. In some locations, it selects villages with high poverty levels and distributes cash transfers to all households in those villages the "village saturation" model. In other locations, it selects villages with high poverty levels and distributes cash transfers to the households in those villages that it identifies as meeting a threshold for being among the poorest the "household targeting" model.Avail Cost Free Examples of Knowledge Skills and Abilities with Us!

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Overview. GiveDirectly transfers cash to poor households in low-income countries primarily via mobile phone-linked payment services.

It has operated since and is currently active in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda (launched in October ).1 To date, GiveDirectly has primarily provided large, one-time transfers. It recently started a basic income guarantee program, in which recipients will. Instructions for Graduate Applicants.

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