Pys 300

A survey of research methods focusing on the fundamentals of research design and behavior. The aim is to apply research methodologies critically and creatively to communicate effectively about the domains of psychology. Topics include scientific writing using APA style, evaluation of research literature, and ethical issues in research. Practice is provided in asking research questions, formulating research hypotheses, designing and conducting a simulated research study, and presenting results.

Pys 300

It is designed to help you understand the nature, course, and process of the experience of dying and death in our present society. Recognize death as a universal phenomenon that is constructed differently among different societies and throughout history and examine the institutional structures of the death system in contemporary American culture.

Assess the theories of death researchers and describe the views of people who are dying or have faced their own death or the death of loved ones. Develop self-reflection about death and dying on order to assess your beliefs and attitudes about the subject.

Acquire consistency between your behavior and beliefs about dying and death in order to better prepare for your own mortality and become a compassionate caregiver.

Required Textbook Kastenbaum, R. Modules include study materials, and activities. See below for more details. Consult the Course Calendar for due dates. Communication with your mentor and among fellow students is a critical component of online learning.

Participation Pys 300 online class discussions involves two distinct activities: All of these Pys 300 must be substantial.

Pys 300

Meaningful participation is Pys 300 to the content, adds value, and advances the discussion. Comments such as "I agree" and "ditto" are not considered value-adding participation.

You will be evaluated on the quality and quantity of your participation, including your use of relevant course information to support your point of view, and your awareness of and responses to the postings of your classmates.

Pys 300

Remember, these are discussions: Written Assignments You are required to complete eight written assignments: The written assignments are on a variety of topics associated with the course modules.

For each essay assignment, you must select two questions to answer from those that are listed. Read through the pertinent essay assignment questions before you begin each module. Your answers to these essay questions should be well developed and convey your understanding of the course materials.

Formulate responses in your own words do not merely copy answers from your reading material. When you feel it is appropriate to use material from your readings, be sure to cite it properly by giving page numbers in parentheses or using footnotes or endnotes.

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Your answers to each essay assignment question should be no longer than two double-spaced, typed pages or equivalent. Please identify which questions you have chosen to answer. For each journal assignment, you must answer one from each pair of questions.

Preview the two journal assignments before you begin your first reading assignment. These journal assignments require self-reflection. You will improve your self-reflection by integrating the material you read in each module and applying your critical thinking skills.

Your response to each journal assignment question should be no less than three double-spaced, typed pages or equivalent.

PSY Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Abnormal Psychology and Therapy Paper

Prepare your written essay and journal assignments using whatever word processing program you have on your computer. Include your name at the top of the paper, as well as the course name and code and the semester and year in which you are enrolled. Before submitting your first assignment, check with your mentor to determine whether your word processing software is compatible with your mentor's software.

If so, you can submit your work as you prepared it.

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If not, save your assignment as a rich-text. Rich text retains basic formatting and can be read by any other word processing program. Examinations For a list of key concepts that may appear on your exam srefer to the study guide s available in the Examinations section of the course Web site.

To prepare for both exams, it is suggested that you reread the relevant parts of the text, highlighting major points. You may also find it helpful for review to answer all the relevant essay assignment questions, even though you are to submit the answers to only 2 questions in each essay assignment.

Please refer to the " Examinations and Proctors " section of the Online Student Handbook see General Information area of the course Web site for further information about scheduling and taking online exams and for all exam policies and procedures. You are strongly advised to schedule your exam within the first week of the semester.

Online exams are administered through the course Web site. Consult the Course Calendar for the official dates of your midterm exam week. Midterm Examination The midterm exam consists of twenty multiple-choice items worth 60 points and four essay questions worth 40 points.Psychology's empirical perspective sometimes complements the legal system's rule-based nature, and sometimes the two disciplines are at odds.

This course focuses on the application of psychological theory, methods, and data to various procedures and issues in the legal system, including eyewitness evidence, the detection of deception, jury selection and jury decision-making, and sentencing.

Using a variety of content areas (e.g., clinical psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, developmental psychology), we will explore the way experimentation is applied to the development and refinement of our understanding of human behavior.

Welcome to the online orientation for my distance education (DE) Psychology - General Principles class at American River College!This orientation is intended for registered students as well as students that are interested in adding this class.

AP’s high school Psychology course is a rigorous, college-level class that provides an opportunity to gain the skills and experience colleges recognize. PSY Research Methods in Psychology.

PSY Research Methods in Psychology (3 lecture, 0 laboratory) Prerequisites: PSY , PSY This class and required lab afford all psychology majors the opportunity to learn the foundations of research methodology, design, and analysis.

Credits 3. The approach to psychology which involved devising a method for uncovering the basic elements of consciousness and the way they combine with each other into ideas was known as A) Structuralism B) Behaviorialism Final Exam 2 PSY/ C) Functionalism D) Elementarism 5.

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