Nbn business plans telstra bigpond

We offer flexible nbn plan options, made with you in mind. As the nbn rollout continues, your home or business will be prepared for the future with a reliable internet service.

Nbn business plans telstra bigpond

So how much do these NBN plans with phone services cost? Voice as a data component doesn't need that much speed either up or downstream, and as such if you're carefully watching a budget then an entry level plan should be fine.

There are plenty of business cases where faster download and upload speeds make a difference, but voice isn't one of them. And that charge doesn't include any Internet. The NBN plans we've looked at include your Internet and in several cases your phone too.

And there's not an extra line rental fee. With competition in the NBN space heating up there are cheaper NBN plans, but we've gone with the larger players with established experience in providing VoIP services.

When you factor your monthly Internet charges into the equation, it's quite a different proposition. Let's do some sums to show the best and worse case scenarios, based on the figures above. There simply isn't a broadband product from any provider that comes anywhere near that close.

To further sweeten the deal, that particular service takes the common VoIP approach of offering unlimited timed calls at 10c each, meaning your overall telephone costs could well tumble down as well.

Better your connections.

That includes all local calls, making it a reasonable proposition, albeit not the first choice we'd make when choosing an NBN plan. VoIP doesn't require much in the way of bandwidth, but a reliable data pipe gives you more scope to perform other online tasks without impacting VoIP reliability quite as much.

But I only want a phone line! This is the one area where the NBN landscape still seems a little lacking. For now, the vast majority of NBN plans we have looked at come with VOIP as part of a broadband plan, or as an extra fee on top of a broadband plan. Let's take a look at a few providers as an example: It doesn't come with with a broadband Internet service and we don't need to provide a VoIP adapter.

Still, if you never wanted to connect to the Internet in the first place, it is an option. Is your home or office prepared for the NBN? Do you have the right hardware?

Download our free page eBook to prepare you for the NBN.

The two basic types of NBN phone services

What you see below is only a fraction of the info we have prepared - the rest is in the eBook, like setting up your home office, hardware and more.

Click here to download the eBook.NBN & ADSL ready. Includes all cables for Ethernet, LAN, and telephone line, plus 2-way splitter.

For use with Belong and Telstra Bigpond. Tested and works on Optus NBN indicating it is unlocked and will work on all networks.

nbn business plans telstra bigpond

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Telstra has revamped its small business offerings with a handful of new products including a 24/7 IT support service, mobile plans and a new premium ICT channel. Options for your Static IP. Once you have a Static IP, why not look at some BigPond products and services to get the most from it.

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