My experience with new york

History[ edit ] The New York Post, established on November 16,as the New-York Evening Post, describes itself as the nation's oldest continuously published daily newspaper. The Providence Journalwhich began daily publication on July 21,also bills itself as the nation's oldest continuously published daily newspaper because the New York Post halted publication during strikes in and

My experience with new york

Recently another illegal immigrant Cristhian Bahena Rivera he was able to work the system by getting fake ID and a Fake Social Security number on the black market.

He killed an innocent young college My experience with new york, Mollie Tibbetts. Vote to protect your children from being killed by these 3rd world animals.

If you are an American Vote Republican!!

Vote for the border wall to be built asap. Businesses that hire these illegal immigrants they should be held responsible for all the innocent Americans lives that are taken by the hands of their cheap labor.

My experience with new york

The illegal immigrants that are protected by the underground black market should lead ICE to the underground black market. Democrats are not Americans, Senator Chuck Schumer is not American, he fights for illegal immigrants with the rest of his cronies, Andrew Cuomo, the Clintons, the list of Democrats goes on and on.

They have infrastrated our judicial system and they have taken over the Democratic Party protecting illegal immigrants because they are all connected to illegals, they have them in their own family living here in America illegally. They are trying to take over America.

Do not vote Democrat! Make sure you come out and vote on election day, and vote Republican. We are true Americans. The Truth about Democrats is right here Read it! The former President of the United States Barack Obama did nothing for black Americans, he suppressed poor blacks and he left them in the Ghetto and jails.

Barack Obama is muslim, he is not a christian. He invaded our country with illegal immigrants and illegal muslims and terrorist. She said, "When they go low you go high. How many black American youth have died in Chicago?

Barack Obama and his wife did nothing to stop the violence on the streets of Chicago, nothing. None of them care about the American black youth who are killing each other in Chicago or all the black children in Foster care.

Why Parents Hate Parenting -- New York Magazine I look around and it feels like people are having a harder time than usual.
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The only thing they care about are illegal immigrants and their children. The illegal immigration black market is all fake and out of control, it has mastered at working our system in America since the days of Hitler.

There will be so many illegal immigrants that America will become a communist country too many people too feed too many people to house, just too many people.

Our borders need to be closed now to protect the American people from losing their freedom in the free world.

My experience with new york

Who is gonna pay for all these illegal immigrants that are invading our country? Are you gonna flip the bill? Our Constitutional Laws are ours to have and to hold dear to our hearts forever. Millions have died for us Americans to be free.

Democrats are not American Law-makers they are Law-breakers. I actually think he is a mad man. The reality of his life is sad. He has done nothing for New Yorkers, black, brown, white and yellow, he has done nothing. He has done nothing for unions. My advice to Andrew Cuomo is put the Bong Down!!!

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