Moral policing essay

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Moral policing essay

Shiv Sena leader Bal Thackeray has said that people not wanting violence on the day should not celebrate it. A Painter or a Butcher? Husain had created in They depicted various Hindu goddesses in nude or copulating poses. Eight different lawsuits were filed against him. It faced criticism from protestors who claimed that event was demeaning women and India's culture.

Several self-immolation threats were made. The police arrest 1, protestors, including several from the BJP. One man died in a self-immolation attempt. The move came days after Pune Police had forced five pubs to shut before the closing time of During a hearing in November, protestors hurled eggs, rotten tomatoes and slippers at her car.

The fatwa said that her attire on the tennis court and billboard advertisements were un-Islamic. The couple had decided to get married in a Hindu ceremony at Pushkar Lake. However, the priests were offended when the couple started kissing and hugging during the ceremony, and filed a lawsuit.

In Octoberan explosion occurred at Ragailong, a tribal village near Imphal where people had gathered to play a traditional gambling game.

Seventeen people were killed, and many more injured, in the blast. The Kangleipak Communist Party Military Council claimed responsibility for the blast, stating they wanted to stop the game because it "affects Manipuri culture adversely". On 24 Januarymembers of the Sri Ram Sena barged into the pub "Amnesia — The Lounge" in MangaloreKarnatakaand beat up a group of young women and men, claiming the women should not be drinking in a public place.

On 28 Julyactivists belonging to the Hindu Jagarana Vedike attacked a birthday party at an unlicensed homestay in Mangalore, Karnataka. The 12 people at the party, including 5 girls, were allegedly beaten, stripped and molested.

The faces of some girls were blackened. The activists claimed the youngsters were consuming alcohol and were involved in "some indecent activities". Later, the Grand Mufti of Kashmir, Bashir-ud-din Farooqi, issued a fatwa against them, asking them to stop such immoral activities.Ethics is defined as study of moralitys effect on conduct: the study of moral standards and how they affect conduct.

Morality is accepted moral standards. The vast majority of police officers are honest and ethical but all of them pay the price for decreased public confidence and trust when there is little respect for police ethics.

Public perceptions affect all of policing, go to the heart of police role in society, and involve ethical issues.

Moral policing might be explained as: "The repression of my rights and coercion of your ethical norms to forcefully align my behavior and suit it to your criteria of 'acceptable conduct', through violent .

Staff Reporter CHENNAI: Nandini Voice For the Deprived, a Chennai-based non-governmental organisation, has announced an essay competition for women college students on the subject `Moral Policing - Is. MORAL POLICING, WOMEN, MEDIA AND PERSONAL FREEDOMMoral policing is a controversial term.

Its supporters say it is an important function to be performed to safeguard our culture against western influence and save our youth from corruption. Those who opp.

Moral policing essay

analysis as to what is police corruption, the ethical dilemmas that police face and what is the nature and causes of police corruption from both a national and international perspective.

This essay will also provide the reader with an in-depth analysis as to what is police accountability and why it is needed and upon conclusion, this essay will also provide the reader with strategies for managing police integrity.

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