Meethi and vishnu love scenes

Meethi asks him how many times he has seen Sholay. He says 50 times. Meethi says, do you remember only Sholay scenes or something else? He says, I remember everything.

Meethi and vishnu love scenes

A chant plays as both the ladies get up from their seats. Akash tells he looks from a good family then why is he acting like a loafer. I will explain to him Vishnu.

He turns to Vishnu and signals something to him which he acknowledges. Akash tells the waiter to remove the tables and stuff or it might be broken.

He turns back towards the guy who again tries to hit him but is again warded off by Akash. A photographer present there is clicking the pics. One of the men gets successful in hitting Akash on the head. Meethi gapes in shock and Piya o re Piya plays. Vishnu fights off with that guy if I recall Akash has had a lot of fights while he was trying to win Meethi then how come he is shown so weak all of a sudded.

The waiters help Akash. Meanwhile the manager informs the police. Vishnu is beating the main guy who shouts at him asking if she Meethi is his wife. The reporter clicks more pics. He throws the guy on floor so as to apologize from Meethi. He finally apologizes calling her sister.

Police arrive on scene and arrest him and his friends. Meethi looks at an unconscious Akash. She is about to touch him but stops. Mukku calls out to him as Vishnu and Meethi look on. Mukku asks someone to bring water. Akash opens his eyes and looks at Meethi. They will get worried for no reason.

Akash has a wound on his head. The photographer calls someone. At Aatishgarh haveli, Kajri brings food for Surabhi who is upset with the latest happenings. Kajri speaks for the unborn child. Eat for the sake of the child. Surabhi is worried if anyone let the kid live. Who should I eat this for?

God wont let anything happen to it. Surabhi says she can do one thing for her. Kajri puts her hand at her mouth telling her not to say so. Next morning, Akash is cleaning. Damini with Tappu in tow brings tea as Jogi comes.

She calls Divya as well. He reads the article and looks at the photo. He shows the paper to Divya while Tappu and Damini wonder. Divya looks at Akash who happens to be accidentally looking in their direction.

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Jogi gives the newspaper to Tappu. She looks at it taken aback. A husband saved his wife. Jogi enquires with Tappu if she knew anything about this. All 3 come rushing to know what happened.The viewers will get to see Mrunal Jain's new avatar as Vishnu followed by a much awaited scene where Vishnu and Meethi come face to face.

Meethi and vishnu love scenes

Our source informed us that, "In the upcoming tracks of the show, Vishnu and Meethi will confront each other. It's Mukta and Vishnu's engagement in the TV show 'Uttaran'. Akash has also come to greet the couple and here he encounters Meethi.

Watch. That leaves Meethi (Tina Dutta) free to marry Vishnu (Ajay Chaudhary). But somewhere in middle of all this, a new drama cropped up wherein Vishnu and Mukta (Sreejita De) confessed their love for .

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Jogi opens the newspaper and is shocked reading the headlines – minister’s son lost while a hubby’s love won (with Vishnu and Meethi’s photo). He reads the article and looks at the photo. He shows the paper to Divya while Tappu and Damini wonder. Sep 21,  · While society cannot separate the two, love, does just that.

Veer, whose marriage proposal was initially rejected by Tapasya, falls in love Ichcha, and that is .

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