Interactive learning

Finding strategies that also meet the Common Core requirements as well as keep students engaged can be especially difficult to discover.

Interactive learning

Practical Considerations Individual Activities Collaborative Activities An Example of a Collaborative Activity Justification Research has shown that online instruction, including hybrid courses that involve some face-to-face instruction coupled with online components, can be just as effective as traditional face-to-face courses in providing high-quality learning experiences Dept.

Recent advances in technology, coupled with changes in how today's students interact with technology, require that traditional face-to-face pedagogies that often rely on visual and auditory cues be modified if they are to be effective in the Interactive learning environment.

This often requires that instructors: There are many resources on the web that speak to best teaching practices for teaching online. The resources in this best practices list emphasize that a very important pedagogical tool in teaching online learning is to make the learning process active rather than passive.

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Facilitating student learning in the online environment can be difficult, but here we explore the use of interactive activities in online Interactive learning to enhance learning outcomes.

Practical considerations The interactive activities we describe below encourage students to learn by either engaging in an activity on their own or collaborating with their peers. Because individual and collaborative activities have different characteristics, we outline some points you may want to consider before adding an activity of either type to your course.

We also provide one or more examples of each type of activity to give instructors a sense of what's available and how they may wish to structure activities that they develop themselves. Finally, if you decide to add an interactive activity to your course bear in mind that it will be most effective if it is: Individual activities Individual interactive activities should be both engaging and enlightening, and afford students opportunities to learn by using the concepts and methods they're studying to address practical "real-world" situations.

Among their strengths, these activities: Among their weaknesses, however, these activities: Examples of Individual Activities There are many types of interactive activities that can be used to promote individual learning. We list examples of several types below, ranging from animations that can be used to promote close observation to more extensive exercises that include instructional and assessment components.

For each type we provide some brief notes about how they might fit into your online course. Many geologic processes that can be difficult to visualize through a series of still images "come alive" in well-designed animations, and these make great instructional tools.

A key to making them truly interactive, however, is to ask students to 1 participate in a discussion about what they observed, or 2 closely observe some aspect of the animation that they can later answer a question about. Such discussions and answers can form the basis of follow-up assessments.

Plate interactions along the western margin of California since 20 Ma http: These activities can be used to supplement instruction on a topic, and provide opportunities to learn by applying new concepts or skills and receiving simple feedback.

The skills addressed here can be followed up with similar questions in other assessments. Athro's geologic sections site enables students to order the sequence of events.

Richard Harwood's mineral identification site enables students to make virtual observations on minerals and then identify them using a key. PhET's glacial mass balance exercise lets students interactively explore how a glacier will respond to changes in temperature and precipitation.

Concept application with instruction: In the Virtual Courseware activities, individual questions provide formative assessments students cannot progress through the exercise unless the answer them correctly but a summative assessment on the topic needs to be developed independently.

Concept application with instruction and assessment: These activities can also serve as basic lessons on a topic because each includes instruction, an integrated activity that gives students an opportunity to apply what they have learned, and a summative assessment.

Instructors can sign up for class codes on the Virtual Courseware exercises so that student results are posted to a gradebook that the instructor can access. Assignments in Applied Geology 11 activities on CD are short case studies that require students to observe and analyze data before making recommendations on an environmental problem.

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Closing Thoughts on Individual Activities Individual activities may be used a "pre-quizzes" that enable students to begin learning about a topic prior to engaging in a full-scale activity.The very first interactive tablet learning toy for toddlers and preschoolers!

Designed by an award-winning team of educators and creative engineers, Tiggly Shapes helps children find the fun in learning spatial reasoning, motor skills, language, and creativity in an innovative timberdesignmag.coms: Course description.

Many applications of machine learning involve interactions with humans. Humans may provide input to a learning algorithm, including input in the form of labels, demonstrations, corrections, rankings, or evaluations.

At University of Phoenix, you’ll have access to a suite of interactive applications that help you apply the lessons you're learning in class.

Two more screens will be set up in the interpretation centre for interactive learning about the life and works of Mahatma through a quiz on his life and works, national movement, movies and speeches.

Interactive learning

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Interactive learning

Interactive Learning is a sister company to Libreria Distexsa Panama and a distributor of digital platforms and products. Want to build some interactivity into your PowerPoint slides? Here are two easy entry-level ways that you can turn your PowerPoint slides into dynamic and interactive material for eLearning.

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