Informative speech on drug abuse

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Informative speech on drug abuse

Listen Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, members of the community. I am pleased to be addressing you here at The Sultan Bahu Centre in Mitchells Plain, as the issues of substance abuse are a daily reality for this community.

Informative speech on drug abuse

I want to acknowledge the work of Sultan Bahu as it provides easily accessible, community based outpatient treatment which is internationally accredited.

Within Mitchells Plain there is an urgent need for such programmes, so I would like to thank you for doing so with professionalism and compassion.

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The Western Cape has the highest rate of drug and alcohol related harms in the country. Tik use and the increasing use of heroin based substances, such as Unga, as well as binge-drinking, are among our most serious challenges.


Mitchells Plain police station records the highest rate of drug related crime in the Western Cape, partly due to the high priority placed on arrests at the station. The nearby GF Jooste hospital also sees up to patients per month admitted with drug related trauma.

Informative speech on drug abuse

As a province we are spending around R million for this financial year on addressing alcohol and drug-related harms. As a department we are spending R60 million of that, the other Departments, such as, Community Safety, Education, Health and Econ Dev make up the remaining R40 million being spent.

Sultan Bahu is one of our priority programmes. During this financial year this Department has contributed R2 The funding to Sultan Bahu is for early intervention programmes, treatment, after care and reintegration into the community. The fact that the funding we give to NGOs has increased at a rate higher than inflation demonstrates our commitment to this priority, especially in the context of a recession, with dropping revenue income.

Our allocations are increasing by more than the amounts that we as a Department receive from Treasury. We currently have 12 approved outpatient sites in the Western Cape, of which, 4 are in Mitchells Plain.

In total the Department of Social Development funds 24 treatment programmes in the province, up from 6 in the previous financial years. We have also increased the number of patients receiving treatment from last year to in the current financial year.

Prevention is always much better than cure, and we are currently working to extend early intervention and treatment to younger people as a preventative measure. Together with UCT and the University of Stellenbosch we have also developed academic accredited programmes in substance abuse which have been funded by the Department of Social Development.

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The aim is to massively increase the quality and quantity of skills in the sector. So on that positive note of our way forward, I want to again thank Sultan Bahu for the work you are doing and we look forward to continue to working with you and the community of Mitchells Plain in combating this evil.There are three main types of drugs: Socially accepted drugs (e.g.

alcohol, caffeine in coffee), Medicinal drugs (e.g. penicillin and aspirin) and Drugs of abuse (depressant drugs, stimulant drugs, hallucinogenic drugs, opiates, inhalants)/5(8).

Informative Speech – Topical Orientation General purpose: Addiction to prescription drugs Specific purpose: To inform my audience about the growing problem of prescription drug abuse, some common drugs that cause .

There are three main types of drugs: Socially accepted drugs (e.g.

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alcohol, caffeine in coffee), Medicinal drugs (e.g. penicillin and aspirin) and Drugs of abuse (depressant drugs, stimulant drugs, hallucinogenic drugs, opiates, inhalants).3/5(6).

This summarizes this informative speech. C. Audience Imprint. 6 Bibliography Risk factors for drug abuse ; Speech on bullying ; Debate on Peer Pressure (Against) Imformative speech.

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