Cango video analysis

Heidi Cripps Running head: Therefore, customer experience is one of the most important things to consider when a company is assessing its current operations. He did not review all aspects of Nick's performance over the past year therefore he was not aware of areas where Nick was doing well and areas where he needs to improve. Based on the videos, Warren's performance appraisal of Nick is based primarily on Running head:

Cango video analysis

CanGo is trying to choose a strategy on how to improve its current process flow. This may be a good change, but there are many things to consider.

CanGo employees continually pass work project onto the next employee until one actually performs the job task. This hurts the team members that are on the project, and puts the team in risks if the one performing employee leaves the company for any period of time.

CanGo has its ASRS presentation to the CEO, but there was no information on the training that is needed for the new system, the cost involved with training for the new system, and the risk that are involved with a new process or new equipment without proper training.

The benefits include, but not limited to: CanGo operations are in Startup mode where keep everything with lack of responsibility organization and no accountability.


Recommendation 2 Miguel To make these processes efficient and more organized, it is suggested that the company use tools and technologies, such as shared workspaces and SharePoint sites where the entire team can work together, discuss ideas, store all documents centrally, thus essentially having the technology infrastructure necessary for effective collaboration and teamwork Filev, A.

Incorporating training that develops employees toward long-term career goals can also promote greater job satisfaction. A more satisfied employee is likely to stay longer and be more productive while on your team.

Learning and upgrading employee skills makes business sense. Granted, it may take some time to see a return on your investment, but the long-term gains associated with employee training make a difference. The short-term expense of a training program ensures you keep qualified and productive workers who will help your company succeed.

Cango video analysis

Recommendation 3 Miguel To ensure a successful project companies need to follow different steps. An important step to complete is to perform financial analysis for the project.

Performing a financial analysis the organization can find out various important factors, for example; personnel needed, equipment needed for the project, how long will take the project to be complete, and have a clear budget needed for the project.

Cango video analysis

CanGo need to perform a proper financial analysis to know all the information they need regardless the acquisition of their new system ASRS. Having their financial analysis done it will help CanGO management decide if their budget allow them buy two system or just buy one system and reduce the project cost.

Accessed on 25 March Retrieved March 27,from http: Retrieved March 27, from http:In SWOT analysis the CanGo team identifies emerging opportunities to take Running head: TEAM A WEEK 6 VIDEO ANALYSIS REPORT 13 advantage of right now and will be able to forecast longer term opportunities as well (Swot Analysis).

CanGo Video Analysis- Week 2 The Innovative A’s Consulting Group is glad to run our analysis on your company’s operational process.

Your company has done tremendous progress and indeed it is a recommendable success as it started out small and grew to be one of .

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Free Essays on Cango Week 5 And 6 Analysis. Search. Cango Week 1&2 Analysis. Introduction Strategy one, in review of CanGo’s requirements, has spent the previous two weeks in discussions to learn and discover the business and needs of CanGo operations. During this period, Strategy One has identified areas that present specific operations.

Team B Video Analysis Report of CanGo Innovative Financial Management & Consulting Services BUSN Based on the first two week of observation, Innovative Financial Management & Consulting Services (IFM) has noted the following issues and our recommendation for your review. CanGo Analysis Report Consultants BUSN Team 1 CanGo Analysis Report Let me say first thank you for giving us the opportunity to evaluate your company’s operational process.

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It has been a tremendous experience to be in a company that started out small and grew to one of the leading businesses in the industry.

CanGo does have a promising future ahead. Cango Week 1 and 2 Video Analysis Report. Week 1 & 2 Analysis Report “Poor strategic planning is worse than no strategic planning.

It can be a big waste of time and money” (“Strategic Thinking”, , p.1). Strategic planning plays a very crucial role in helping organizations achieve their goals.

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