An analysis of the politics in the united states

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An analysis of the politics in the united states

How does a company from the Global South behave differently when it also produces in the Global North?

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A Mexican tortilla company, "Tortimundo," has two production facilities within a hundred miles of each other, but on different sides of the U. The workers at the two factories produce the same product with the same technology, but have significantly different work realities. The author's in-depth ethnographic fieldwork shows that the U.

Undocumented workers are subject to harsher punishment, night-shift work, and lower pay. In the Baja California factory, managers sexually harass women—who make up most of the workforce—and create divisions between light- and dark-skinned women, forcing them to compete for managerial attention, which they understand equates with job security.

The Tortilla Behemoth and Global Production 2. The Political Economy of Corn and Tortillas 3. A Tale of Two Countries: Resistance in the Age of Neoliberalism 7. Shop-Floor Politics in the Twenty-First Century Transnational Tortillas "Transnational Tortillas is a case study of two tortilla factories owned by the same company but located across the U.

An analysis of the politics in the united states

This transnational company organizes labor control differently in the two social and political contexts: The Mexican factory deploys a 'gender regime,' employing young women on the factory floor under the sexist supervision of men; while the U.

It should be of interest to those concerned with globalization and labor issues, the problems associated with immigrant status, as well as the sexuality and racialization of the workplace. Greider, Social Forces Transnational Tortillas "Ultimately, Bank Munoz has woven together admirably the macro, meso, and micro levels of state policies, labor markets, and workplace dynamics, producing a well-written, accessible, and fascinating account of exploitation and resistance among tortilla workers along the border.

Transnational Tortillas should be of considerable value to scholars and students of labor, immigration, and global production. The author of this must-read book for labor and immigration scholars and activists, provides a well-researched and convincingly argued analysis of how managers employ an 'immigration The importance of this book lies both in the theoretical contributions that it makes to several literatures and the practical insights that it offers to organizers of low-wage and immigrant workers.

Organizing Undocumented Workers in Los Angeles Transnational Tortillas "Transnational Tortillas presents a fascinating analysis of the ways in which state policies, immigration status, gender, and race shape labor control at the factory level.

She deftly uses these analytical elements to explain the different power relations in the two settings, as well as changes over time in those relations.

This book is required reading for those interested in work, immigration and gender in an increasingly globalized economy.Essays on politics and the english language. United states v lopez analysis essay article 99 du code civil explication essay media diary essays proxy wars during the cold war essays essay hamouda ucr growl, wassily kandinsky concerning the spiritual in art essays.

“The United States meets a high standard with respect to the protection of human rights,” the website reads. “It is an open democracy with independent courts, separation of powers and constitutional guarantees of essential human .

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He's. The Geert Hofstede analysis for the United States is very similar to other World Countries that have their heritage founded in Europe with strong ties to the British Isles (see Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand).Individualism ranks highest and is a significant factor in the life of U.S.

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Americans. "Transnational Tortillas presents a fascinating analysis of the ways in which state policies, immigration status, gender, and race shape labor control at the factory level.

An analysis of the politics in the united states

United States Government Essay - United States Government The United States has a deeply rooted and embedded tradition through the Constitution of having a federalist style of governing as its structural framework for operating and guiding the government of the country.

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