An analysis of the internet jargon netspeak

An Analysis of Internet Jargon Netspeak: An Analysis of Internet Jargon Approximately 30 million people world-wide use the Internet and online services daily.

An analysis of the internet jargon netspeak

Creation and evolution Origins Internet slang originated in the early days of the Internet with some terms predating the Internet. Sinceusers of communications networks like Usenet created their own shorthand.

However, while Internet slang shortcuts save time for the writer, they take two times as long for the reader to understand, according to a study by the University of Tasmania. Many of the expectations and practices which we associate with spoken and written language are no longer applicable.

The Internet itself is ideal for new slang to emerge because of the richness of the medium and the availability of information. The Webemailasynchronous chat for example, mailing listssynchronous chat for example, Internet Relay Chatand virtual worlds. The options of communication for the user are constrained by the nature of the hardware needed in order to gain Internet access.

Thus, productive linguistic capacity the type of information that can be sent is determined by the preassigned characters on a keyboardand receptive linguistic capacity the type of information that can be seen is determined by the size and configuration of the screen.

Additionally, both sender and receiver are constrained linguistically by the properties of the internet softwarecomputer hardwareand networking hardware linking them.

Electronic discourse refers to writing that is "very often reads as if it were being spoken — that is, as if the sender were writing talking". Rather, it differs according to the user and type of Internet situation.

Even so, few users consciously heed these prescriptive recommendations on CMC, but rather adapt their styles based on what they encounter online.

This list is not exhaustive. Class Description Letter homophones Included within this group are abbreviations and acronyms. An acronym, on the other hand, is a subset of abbreviations and are formed from the initial components of a word.

There are also combinations of both, like "CUL8R" for "see you later". Punctuation, capitalizations and other symbols Such features are commonly used for emphasis or stress. Periods or exclamation marks may be used repeatedly for emphasis, such as " Question marks and exclamation marks are often used together in strings such as "?!?!?!?!

Grammatical punctuation rules are also relaxed on the Internet. Examples of capitalizations include "STOP IT", which can convey a stronger emotion of annoyance as opposed to "stop it". Bold, underline and italics are also used to indicate stress.An Analysis of the Netspeak, an Analysis of the Internet Jargon Use PAGES 2.

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An analysis of Internet jargon Approximately 30 million people world-wide use the Internet and online services daily.

An analysis of the internet jargon netspeak

The Net is growing exponentially in all areas, and a rapidly increasing number. Technology has penetrated human lives immensely, drastically altering the communication approach. More and more people all over the world, especially the younger generations and students, use online chat and cell phones as faster means of communication.

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