A womans right to privacy should be respected

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A womans right to privacy should be respected

Background[ edit ] State of consideration of constitutional laws and acts formed by sectors and sections Privacy uses the theory of natural rightsand generally responds to new information and communication technologies. Warren and future U. Warren and Brandeis wrote that privacy is the "right to be let alone", and focused on protecting individuals.

This approach was a response to recent technological developments of the time, such as photography, and sensationalist journalism, also known as " yellow journalism ".

In his widely cited dissenting opinion in Olmstead v. United StatesBrandeis relied on thoughts he developed in his article The Right to Privacy.

But in his dissent, he now changed the focus whereby he urged making personal privacy matters more relevant to constitutional lawgoing so far as saying "the government [was] identified By the time of Katzintelephones had become personal devices with lines not shared across homes and switching was electro-mechanical.

In the s, new computing and recording technologies began to raise concerns about privacy, resulting in the Fair Information Practice Principles. Definitions[ edit ] In recent years there has been only few attempts to clearly and precisely define the "right to privacy".

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By their reasoning, existing laws relating to privacy in general should be sufficient. The right to privacy is our right to keep a domain around us, which includes all those things that are part of us, such as our body, home, property, thoughts, feelings, secrets and identity.

The right to privacy gives us the ability to choose which parts in this domain can be accessed by others, and to control the extent, manner and timing of the use of those parts we choose to disclose. Westin defines privacy as "the claim of individuals, groups, or institutions to determine for themselves when, how, and to what extent information about them is communicated to others".

A womans right to privacy should be respected

Westin describes four states of privacy: These states must balance participation against norms: Each individual is continually engaged in a personal adjustment process in which he balances the desire for privacy with the desire for disclosure and communication of himself to others, in light of the environmental conditions and social norms set by the society in which he lives.

David Flaherty believes networked computer databases pose threats to privacy. This concept forms the foundation for fair information practices used by governments globally.

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Flaherty forwards an idea of privacy as information control, "[i]ndividuals want to be left alone and to exercise some control over how information about them is used". Posner criticizes privacy for concealing information, which reduces market efficiency.

A womans right to privacy should be respected

For Posner, employment is selling oneself in the labour market, which he believes is like selling a product. Lessig claims "the protection of privacy would be stronger if people conceived of the right as a property right", and that "individuals should be able to control information about themselves".

A collective value and a human right[ edit ] There have been attempts to reframe privacy as a fundamental human rightwhose social value is an essential component in the functioning of democratic societies. This requires a shared moral culture for establishing social order. He claims that privacy laws only increase government surveillance.

She supports a social value of privacy with three dimensions: Shared ideas about privacy allows freedom of conscience and diversity in thought. Public values guarantee democratic participation, including freedoms of speech and association, and limits government power.

Collective elements describe privacy as collective good that cannot be divided. Privacy depends on norms for how information is distributed, and if this is appropriate. Violations of privacy depend on context.

Shade believes that privacy must be approached from a people-centered perspective, and not through the marketplace. No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honor and reputation.

Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks. Privacy laws in different countries[ edit ] Main article: Privacy laws of the United States Although the Constitution does not explicitly include the right to privacy, the Supreme Court has found that the Constitution implicitly grants a right to privacy against governmental intrusion from the First AmendmentThird AmendmentFourth Amendmentand the Fifth Amendment.

Society of Sisterswhich invalidated a successful Oregon initiative requiring compulsory public educationGriswold v.Start studying civil rights - Right to privacy/womens rights - Affirmative action.

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Here are 10 reasons why privacy matters. 1.

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